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Beware of Ticks When Outdoors

AUBURN, Ala. – Spending time outdoors during the warmer days of the year can be fun for all ages. However, outdoors pests, such as ticks, can put a damper on these outdoors activities. Ticks are abundant and aggressive in many places across the county. They can transmit diseases such as lyme disease,¬†Rocky Mountain spotted fever and alpha-gal (red meat) allergy. ... Read More »

Tick Problems and Organic Control

Auburn, Ala.– Ticks are blood-feeding external parasites of mammals, birds and reptiles. They are also important vectors of disease-causing agents. According to Dr. Xing Ping Hu, an Alabama Extension specialist and Auburn University professor of Entomology, there are two groups of ticks: hard-body and soft-body. The most common species in Alabama are hard-body ticks. These ticks have a shield on ... Read More »