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Beware of Ticks this Summer

AUBURN, Alabama — Ticks are abundant and aggressive in many places across the county. In recent years, research has raised concerns about the prevalence, misdiagnosis and emergence of tick-borne illnesses that pose serious health risks. To avoid illness, it is important to take proactive steps that limit exposure and enable you to quickly identify disease symptoms and seek medical help. ... Read More »

Tick Problems and Organic Control

Auburn, Ala.– Ticks are blood-feeding external parasites of mammals, birds and reptiles. They are also important vectors of disease-causing agents. According to Dr. Xing Ping Hu, an Alabama Extension specialist and Auburn University professor of Entomology, there are two groups of ticks: hard-body and soft-body. The most common species in Alabama are hard-body ticks. These ticks have a shield on ... Read More »