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Milk Provides Much Needed Nutrients

AUBURN, Ala.—For most, milk is usually not the first beverage choice. However, because of the nutrients it offers, you should consider reaching for the milk before anything else. Milk contains nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals—almost every nutrient your body needs. There are many types, including soy, almond, fat-free (skim), low-fat (1%), reduced-fat (2%) and whole milk. No ... Read More »

Milk vs. Milk Alternatives: Which is the best option for you?

Auburn, Ala.—From skim to soy, there are more milk alternatives available today than many consumers know what to do with. With so many choices, how can anyone know which is the best choice for them? Some of the most popular milk alternatives include almond milk, soymilk and coconut milk. Donna Shanklin, a regional agent in Human Nutrition, Diet and Health ... Read More »

Dealing with food allergies

Auburn, Ala.—Over the past few decades, the number of people with apparent food allergies has risen. According to The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, a U.S. education group, about 12 million Americans have a food allergy. That’s around 4 percent of the population. Scientists are not entirely sure of the cause, though many believe it comes from a mix of ... Read More »

Can These Foods be Frozen?

Many calls come into county Extension offices on whether or not certain foods can be frozen. Angela Treadaway, an Alabama Extension regional food safety agent shares some of the frequently asked questions and her answers. Can you freeze fresh meats in supermarket wrappings? Unless you use the frozen meat or poultry in a month or two, the U.S. Department of ... Read More »

Dairy U Comes to Auburn’s Campus

Auburn University Animal Sciences Department and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System will be hosting the seventh annual Dairy Awareness Introductory Resource for Youth University (DAIRY U) Program. The workshop allows youth to learn about the dairy industry and where the milk they drink comes from as well as how it is produced in a wholesome and healthy way. Boyd Brady, ... Read More »