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10 Facts to Know about Dogwood Trees

dogwood trees

AUBURN, Alabama —  Loved for early spring blooms, dogwood trees are features in many Alabama landscapes and celebrated in festivals throughout the South.  The white flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), plentiful across Alabama, is an ornamental deciduous tree native to the eastern half of the United States. 10 Dogwood Facts to Know 1. Dogwood trees sport white or pink flowers. However, the true ... Read More »

Gladioli for garden borders


Auburn, Ala.- This spring and summer while planning and planting your garden, consider adding Gladioli as a garden border. Gladioli, sometimes referred to as a “sword lily”, make a great addition to any garden because of their color and easy maintenance. “During the summer, mulch gladiolus with pine needles, straw or grass clippings to help with weed control, conserve moisture and ... Read More »

Community gardens offer a sense camaraderie

community gardens

AUBURN, Ala.— There are immeasurable benefits to having community gardens. Fresh and locally grown produce becomes available to those in the local area. Regional Extension Agent Bethany O’Rear, said there is also a sense of camaraderie that is established among the volunteers in the community. The garden can be used as a learning tool for adults and children to gain hands-on ... Read More »

How to control June beetles

june beetle

AUBURN, Alabama—During spring, June beetles will be making an appearance in Alabama’s grassy areas, such as home lawns, pastures and hay fields. June beetle grubs pupate in cells in the soil during late April and May and remain in the pupal stage for 2 or 3 weeks. Newly emerged adults remain in the soil for an additional week or two. In most ... Read More »

Carpenter Bees Buzzing and Bothering

Carpenter bee by Karan A. Rawlins, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org

AUBURN, Ala.–Warmer weather means carpenter bees are out and about. An Alabama Extension entomologist says these bees generally will not sting you, but they can be intimidating.  Dr. Xing Ping Hu says that carpenter bees are rather loud and large.  She says the only threat they pose is to the wood in buildings and homes. Carpenter bees are important to ... Read More »

Spring Pruning For Dummies

spring pruning

Auburn, Alabama—The start of spring brings a lot of things to mind: chirping birds, April showers and blooming flowers. For gardeners, spring is associated with one thing, pruning. We have all heard of it, but what exactly is pruning and why do we do it? Hunter McBrayer, an an urban regional agent with Alabama Extension, explained, “Spring pruning can mean a number of ... Read More »

Selecting Peppers for Spring Gardens


AUBURN, Ala. —It is time to start thinking about what peppers to grow in your spring garden since most gardeners start the seeding process indoors in late January and early February. Growing your own pepper transplants allows you to take full advantage of the possibilities. Transplanting is the technique of planting seeds in locations with optimal conditions, then moving the plants to ... Read More »

Turf Tips 101

With warmer weather and abundant rain, many Alabama lawns have jumped into high gear. Homeowners can tackle some simple chores to help get their turf in tip top shape. Dr. Dave Han, an Alabama Extension turf specialist, said general maintenance on the mower is one of the first orders of business. Sharpening mower blades, changing spark plugs and setting mower ... Read More »

Food Friday: Blueberry Delight

Berries are popping out all over! The sunshine is out, and blueberries are almost ready to eat off of the bush. Whether your tastebuds prefer something tart or something sweet, berries can do the trick. Try adding a little color to your dinner table this weekend. Make something full of delicious blueberries! Blueberry Crisp Butter flavor cooking spray 4 cups ... Read More »

Cool Weather May Extend Strawberry Season

Relentless bands of rain pounded strawberry crops, threatening to leave them underwater and forcing harvest to begin several weeks late. A cold, cloudy wet spring has had strawberry farmers concerned about this spring’s crop, but now sunny, drier and still cooler temperatures may help extend the season. Chilton Research and Experiment Center Director Jim Pitts said the cooler weather folks ... Read More »