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Oats: Economical and Healthy

AUBURN, Alabama—Oats are an economical whole grain that can help with improving your overall health. High Fiber Content “Oat products have high soluble fiber content, which aids digestion, said Donna Shanklin, a Human Sciences Extension regional agentl  “They reduce cholesterol levels, which makes them good for heart health.” These whole grains are also high in protein. Shanklin says, to obtain ... Read More »

Sugar vs. artificial sweeteners

AUBURN, AL—Sugar substitutes are becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the health risks associated with overconsumption of sugar. The World Health Organization recently released new guidelines for sugar intake, suggesting that people limit their sugar consumption to 5 percent of daily caloric intake, or about 6 teaspoons a day. “In the short-term, a high sugar diet may cause tooth ... Read More »

Food Friday: Cookies

Photo by: shutterstock.com/Marie C Fields

With an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits in the summer time, it’s easy to forget about the tastier things in life! Cookies are a favorite of all sweets-lovers. There is a size and a taste to please every tastebud. Try these recipes from Alabama Extension’s Auburn Cookbook. Which one is your favorite? Oatmeal Cookies 1 cup corn-oil margarine 1 ... Read More »

Food Friday: Blueberry Delight

Berries are popping out all over! The sunshine is out, and blueberries are almost ready to eat off of the bush. Whether your tastebuds prefer something tart or something sweet, berries can do the trick. Try adding a little color to your dinner table this weekend. Make something full of delicious blueberries! Blueberry Crisp Butter flavor cooking spray 4 cups ... Read More »

Daffodils Didn’t Bloom This Year?

Gardeners across the country love daffodils.  The beautiful white and yellow blooms brighten up the dreary winter weather, ushering in the spring. But sometimes these seemingly bullet-proof plants don’t bloom. Sallie Lee, an Alabama Extension urban regional agent,  has some ideas on why daffodils fail to bloom as well as tips for season’s end bulb care and ways to help ... Read More »