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Outdoor Etiquette: Mind Your Manners

outdoor etiquette

AUBURN, Ala.-People think of etiquette as something used at a dinner table, but etiquette is an important element of many outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing, hiking and even walking your dog all have an etiquette that you should follow. When you are hunting, do you know where you are hunting? Do you have permission to be on that property? Are you cleaning up ... Read More »

That Deer Fawn Isn’t an Orphan – Leave it Alone

Every year, a countless number of deer fawns are “rescued” by good Samaritans. Unfortunately, more often than not, these fawns are not abandoned by their mothers. Rather, a female deer (called a doe) will often leave her fawn alone in an attempt to protect it from predators. While rescuers’ intentions are noble, by removing fawns from the wild, they are ... Read More »