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Muscadines-Backbone of Alabama Wine Industry


AUBURN, Alabama —People make wine around the world, even in Alabama. The state’s wineries are more abundant than some might think, each with their own unique wines and atmosphere.  Dr. Elina Coneva, an Alabama Extension fruit specialist, said which grapes can be grown in Alabama impacts the types of wines that can be produced. Coneva said muscadine grapes, Vitis rotundifolia, grow best in ... Read More »

Growing Local: The World of Wine in Alabama Vineyards


Auburn, Alabama — You don’t have to travel to the west coast to experience some of the most amazing and tasty vineyards. That’s right, right here in Alabama there are more than 10 fully operating grape vineyards that welcome visitors daily. Most Alabama natives are unaware of how prevalent grape vineyards are in the state until they happen upon one for themselves. ... Read More »

Muscadines, the Southern Fruit

Muscadines, scuppernongs, what’s the difference? And where do you find them? Dr. Elina Coneva, an Alabama Extension specialist in commercial horticulture, answered these questions and explained the perks and uses for this delicious fruit. For anyone who has heard of this fruit referred to as either a muscadine or a scuppernong, there is actually a difference. Scuppernong is the name of ... Read More »